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HEALTH & LIFESTYLE was launched in 2012 and is now in 3 different areas.  Cape Town, Johannesburg  and Durban Our easy to use eMags are prepared monthly for distribution to our database of over 500 000 subscribers via email.  HEALTH & LIFESTYLE is designed in Muse to allow our readers to enjoy an interactive read.


For the Reader: HEALTH & LIFESTYLE  offers our readers a wide choice of health, beauty, adventure, travel and lifestyle products and services. This is what we call our “feel good” magazine as the content of the magazine revolves around making each individual’s life better in some way or another.  We categorise each different section for easy reading and allow our readers to see the latest products and services on offer. We choose some wonderful articles to appear in the magazine for our readers. They are usually something very topical and relevant .You as a reader are able to access the advertiser’s website, Virtual Tours, email or social media pages at a click of a button.


For the Advertiser:  HEALTH & LIFESTYLE offers the advertiser the "push" and "pull" aspects of advertising that most online advertising campaigns cannot offer.  With it being online your full page advert is very interactive, with rotating images direct links and “hotspots” that directs our readers to the advertiser’s  websites and social media pages like twitter and Facebook thereby assisting with the optimization process. We can also link You Tube videos, virtual tours or other media to your advert. HEALTH & LIFESTYLE is distributed to our readers via email in the form of a banner which will be delivered into the subscriber’s inbox. The selected HEALTH & LIFESTYLE e-Mag can be read online OR downloaded for reading at a later time.


Companies who are not positioning themselves and marketing their brands online are suffering. The traditional way of advertising has become redundant and the shift to corner the online consumer is paramount. Online advertising via the use of digital magazines or eMags are an extremely effective way to showcase your business to the consumer.


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Drop us a line on info@choicemarketing.co.za . We would love to hear from you.