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Many companies have a database they maintain BUT it is often, unfortunately not utilised to communicate with their clients. The email newsletter remains an effective way to build a relationship with a prospect, nurturing them along until they become a customer. It is important to stay in touch with clients who have either used a company’s products or services.


The digital newsletter is a wonderful marketing tool to both stay in contact with all clients on the database as well as updating them on any changes that have occurred within the company. With the use of “read mores” and links you are able to get a large amount of information out to a client via the newsletter. The newsletter can be archived on your website with tweets and Facebook links pointing to it. That approach meets everyone’s need! With the right look and feel this newsletter has become a VERY effective online marketing tool to gain the loyalty of clients.


You give your SEO a boost every time you add content to your website…which archiving your newsletter automatically does.


We are able to produce a digital newsletter in a format that is fresh and eye catching for subscribers.